Automobile clutch release bearing damage

Clutch release bearing damage and the driver's operation and maintenance, the adjustment has much to do, the damage reason to roughly the following:
Working temperature is too high the superheat many drivers in turn or slow, often a half step clutch, some shift hind feet still on the clutch pedal.
Some vehicles free stroke adjustment is too large, to separate the clutch not thoroughly, in a state of half joint and separation.
The dry friction caused by the in this state and produce large amounts of heat transfer to the release bearing, bearing is heated to a certain temperature, melt the butter or dilute flow, make the separation bearing temperature rise further, when the temperature reached a certain degree it burn out.
Lack of lubricating oil lubrication and wear of the clutch release bearing with butter, butter to join, there are two ways for 360111 release bearing, should be in the maintenance or remove the transmission, fill open rear cover of the bearing grease, then the back cover to fit up;

For 788611 k release bearing, it can tear it down in the molten grease dip cooked, take out after cooling, can achieve the purpose of lubrication.