What is the overrunning clutch

Wedge overrunning clutch with alien wedge replace roller as chocking, with wedge and internal and external raceway of a clutch friction pair.

 When the inner ring and outer ring with no relative motion between wedge, turned to the same speed equal to transmit torque, otherwise all of the relative sliding, sliding state that don't transmit torque is called transcendence. Wedge overrunning clutch are basic, inner ring type and bearing type. Its connection form is divided into key link, gear, belt wheel, wheel connection, bolt connection, etc.

Miler overrunning clutch root inside yoke (spider) location divided into alien wheel and two kinds of star wheel, yoke refers to the cylinder and the cylinder hole of conjugate surface, and the star wheel is a accommodate roller grooves of the parts. To facilitate processing and to ensure machining accuracy, is widely used within the star wheel. According to the different shapes of the star wheel work face, and can be divided into planar, logarithmic spiral surface type and eccentric cylinder type 3 kinds. The planar processing is simple, widely used, but the wedge tentacles do not contact with the roller wear and different and changed by the change of position, but processing more difficult; Eccentric cylinder processing ease, using performance and life are in between.